Welcome to a magic world of cardboard where your ideas come true. Any concept, even the most daring, which shows your eco-awareness can be created. The only limitation is imagination. All of these could happen as we provide eco advertising solutions. How? Considering the high expectations of nowadays demanding clients

and eco-friendly worldwide trends we can design and produce for you tailor-made cardboard products which perfectly represent your environmental responsibility. This is totally new approach to advertising – very eye-catching! You have some doubts, haven’t you? Just watch…


  • cardboard cactus
  • cardboard photo frame


Can you believe that all of them are made of 100% recycled cardboard? Impressive? Everyday our creative team found new applications for cardboard. Imagine what kind of amazing things we can create for you. Have you noticed that contemporary marketing space is full of overfamiliar items? Nowadays, despite of big expenditure on advertising it’s hard to be visible in a crowd of plastic trash. By using

cardboard stuff you will break the advertising routine. Our products will become your competitive advantage. This is the chance for you and your company to show your clients in a simple way that you make money affords into environment and that you care for the place we all live. Our products could advertise your brand or a product, depends on you. This could be the beginning of your story. Please look below for ideas.


Now you believe in power of cardboard?